Education is a bridge to opportunity—particularly when it comes to good jobs and career paths, social mobility, and personal growth and fulfillment.

It the gateway to address a multitude of other issues that plague society today - lack of access to healthcare, poverty, population control, unemployment or human rights. Even as a certain section of Indians are crossing borders and breaking the ceiling in various professional fields, India still has over 7 million children under the age of 14, who do not have access to quality education. UNESCO reported as recently as in 2016 that India witnesses 47 million secondary and higher secondary children dropping out of school - a key contributor to low levels of overall education in Indian youth that not only hampers education but also impacts the labour market, economic performance and social progress of a country.

We, at SNWF, strongly believe that education needs a greater focus on accessibility, equity and quality. Through education endeavors at SNWF, we provide monetary aid to children from economically weak backgrounds, thereby creating an empowered set of youth who can rise and lead an independent, dignified and happy life.


  • Individual Education Aids
    SNWF strongly believes that children with the potential and will to learn should not be deprived due to financial limitations – afterall, education is both the means and the end to a better life. SNWF contributes to the cause of education by providing individual aids to a selected set of bright, passionate students who are excelling academically, but are from disadvantaged backgrounds.
    Creating pathways for children to attain and complete education sets off a ripple effect that can last generations. SNWF pledges to contribute to this through financial aid for students and aspiring students who have the potential to progress and build a better life for them and their families through education.
  • Referral Programme
    Under this initiative, SNWF partners with reputed educational institutions, and provides needy and deserving students with financial aid for tuition as well as residential facilities.
    Under this program SNWF associated with VJTI, the premier engineering institute in Mumbai, for giving scholarship to the deserving student. Students picked for their prestige courses are not able to pursue their passion owing to a lack of financial support. SNWF is helping make these dreams come true by providing financial aid for their education.
  • Supporting School Infrastructure
    SNWF believes that school should be a place where children can learn, play, socialize with peers - all in a place they find safe and enjoyable. To aid this vision, SNWF provides aid for infrastructural support for schools buildings, laboratories, and sanitation facilities in government and semi-government schools located in remote rural areas.
    In an effort to make learning an interactive experience, SNWF is associated with Patil BalMandirSchool, Mohone Village, Kalyan to set up biology, chemistry and physics lab. With an objective to provide improvised sanitation facility in oprder to promote health and cleanliness and regularize the attendance of girl students, SNWF got associated with Vidya Mandir, Titwala for the construction of toilet blocks for girls.