Sir Ness Wadia Foundation (SNWF) was formed in the memory of renowned industrialist and philanthropist Sir Ness Wadia with an objective to empower the underprivileged sections of the society by implementing responsible initiatives towards the important causes such as education, healthcare, relief & rehabilitation in case of any natural disasters and community development at large.

Since its inception, on 25th June 1969, when Sir Ness Wadia Foundation was registered as non-profit organization under the Bombay Public Trusts Act 1950, SNWF has been striving to bridge the socio-economic gap existing in our society. Each team member plays an instrumental role in carving a path for giving back to the society and bringing in a positive social change.

Being one of the oldest philanthropic institutions of India, SNWF has impacted many lives by promoting health and education, fighting against malnutrition, providing relief and rehabilitation to affected people and building communities to ensure development.

SNWF mainly focuses on Investing in health and good nutrition for women, children and adolescents, building self-sustainable communities, initiating coping mechanisms for natural disasters and aiding in the fundamental right of a child, that is education. Through its exceptional work, SNWF has created an unprecedented repute for itself.


Envisioning a society where all individuals can lead an empowered life of dignity, self-respect and independence.


Providing need-based, creating heartfelt and lasting sustainable solutions for lifelong learning, healthcare, relief and rehabilitation, and the social development of those less fortunate in society.

Mr. Nusli N. Wadia, Chairman
Mr. Ness N. Wadia
Mr. Jeh N.Wadia
Mr. Jairaj Bham
Dr. Minnie A. Bodhanwala