Palghar district of Maharashtra is predominantly a tribal area relying on agriculture, agro and forest-based products for livelihood and economy for the community.

Malnutrition and associated child mortality rates have been a cause of concern in the district. In the years 2017-18 alone, as many as 396 children died due to malnutrition and related reasons, in the district.

To combat the chronic proliferation of malnutrition in Palghar and its surrounding villages, SNWF has undertaken the “Palghar Nutrition Project” to improve the nutrition status and eventually preventing malnutrition and related consequences. The project aims to help pregnant & lactating mothers, children & adolescents from Dahanu and Wada tehsil, benefitting over 11,000 children and 2,000 mothers. It includes interventions on health and nutrition, training and development, water resource development and improving livelihood scenarios in the villages in order to make the initiative sustainable. Our strategy in this geography consists of a two-pronged approach - healthcare provision and nutritional awareness, aimed at preventing chronic malnutrition. Interventions include activities such as health camps, raising awareness on nutrition through training, providing nutritional supplements, promotion of nutrition garden, facilitation & promotion of antenatal and post-natal care and distribution of medicines.