The geography and diaspora of India lend themselves to a region prone to a wide variety of possible natural disasters - while making these locations and people hard to reach when calamity strikes.

While survival is key, in these situations - a feat dependent on, and bravely executed by, first responders and emergency services - once the emergency abates, it is extremely crucial to get the community back on its feet. The window of time afforded to do this effectively is short, as natural catastrophes have the potential to erase hard-won development gains and hinder progress, making a dent in community resilience.

The cornerstone of our strategy for disaster relief and rehabilitation is our partnerships with grassroots level NGOs and institutes that help us reach communities in need. Focusing on immediate needs such as safe drinking water, medical relief, food, shelter, sanitation, etc., along with long term requirements like infrastructural support - SNWF helps communities build their lives back better, both in structure and spirit.

Disaster Relief Drives

  • Maharashtra (2019) – Western Maharashtra Flood Relief
    The flash floods along the coast of Western Maharashtra affected over 50,000 people across 200 villages, causing significant loss to life and property. Rising up to the need of the hour, Sir Ness Wadia Foundation
  • (SNWF), in partnership with Wadia Hospitals and Britannia Industries reached out to the distressed areas in Western Maharashtra to provide disaster relief support. Based on the need assessment by the District Collector’s Office, SNWF dispatched clothes, medicines, bed sheets, blankets and grains. Britannia Industries Ltd. provided their support by supplying 853 cartons of biscuits along with the rest of the relief material. Wadia Group initiated a donation drive for clothes, stationary and hygiene supplies, and subsequently dispatched over 9 tons of relief material to the affected areas. Overall, supplies worth over INR 2,00,000 were sent to aid flood victims.
  • Kerala (2018) – Flood Relief Initiative
    Kerala faced one of it’s worst natural disasters in 2018 when the government declared a Level 3 Calamity in the state affected by flood and related incidents. With the death toll close to 500 and over a 100 people missing, SNWF did not spare any time in launching a disaster relief fund in partnership with Wadia Hospital. They tied up with Thaluka HQ Hospital, Cherthala, Alappuza to distribute the relief material to the affected population in Kerala, and provided a lifeline to over 15000 families in the region.
  • Jammu and Kashmir (2014) – Flood Relief Initiative
    The unforeseen floods in Jammu and Kashmir had inundated over 100 villages in and around the region, claiming over 100 lives and displacing thousands of families. The harsh winter that followed only added to the woes of the stranded locals. SNWF sprung into action by dispatching both financial and non-financial aid to support the community through the on-going floods, as well as to prepare them to survive the winter.
  • Odisha (2013) – Cyclone and Flood Relief Initiative
    Cyclone Phailin that hit Odisha in 2013, killed over 20 people and left about 9 million residents devasted. SNWF reached out to over 1900 families and provided emergency sanitation and sustenance kits so communities could start getting back on their feet.
  • Uttarakhand (2013) – Flood Relief Initiative
    2013 witnessed one amongst the many worst flash floods and landslides due to a cloudburst in Uttarakhand and its surrounding areas. Being a pilgrimage destination with many Hindu temples, residents and tourists alike were stranded in the floods, which claimed around 5000 lives and damaged nearly all property in its path. SNWF was one of the first few organizations to launch an emergency response initiative -distributing winter kits to children and warm clothing and blankets to vulnerable families in remote villages.
  • Mumbai (2005) – Flood Relief Initiative
    The city that never sleeps came to a standstill on 26th July 2005, due to a severe storm and subsequent deluge. Citizens were stranded in the torrential downpour, thousands became homeless and over a 1000 people lost their lives. Taking the lead in providing relief to the city, SNWF along with their many volunteers, came to the rescue of 600 worst -affected families with flood relief kits assembled specially for them.
  • Gujarat (2001) - Earthquake Relief Initiative
    Gujarat witnessed one of the most devastating earthquakes in India on 26th January 2001. Causing an unprecedented magnitude of loss to life and property, over 20,000 people lost their lives, over 1 lakh were injured and nearly 400,000 homes, schools, hospitals, etc got destroyed. SNWF, showed their undying spirit and empathy for the affected communities, generated and donated relief funds for the affected families for the families to recoup from the financial and personal loss.

SNWF is dedicated and committed to delivering quick and effective support during any crisis, helping rebuild lives and help people bounce back from the disastrous situation.