Yash Eknath Kirkire, a three and a half year old child from a village in Wada, Palghardistrict, was screened during the health camp conducted by SNWF. He was diagnosed and put under the category of ‘High Risk of Death’as his weight-for-height was below -4 SD (Standard Deviations) {WHO standard}. Based on this finding, he was kept in the Nutrition Rehabilitation Centre for 8 days at Wadia Hospital. During the time of discharge he weighed 9.44 kg and height was 87.6 cm. Yash still remains to be SAM, but he has come out from the high risk of death category. SNWF field coordinators are constantly in touch with the family and closely monitoring the growth of Yash. The family is made part of other intervention like kitchen gardening and wadi cultivation under Palghar Nutrition Project.