Malnutrition is a key public health concern in the Tamiya block of Chhindwara district, Madhya Pradesh - contributing to high rates of childhood and maternal mortalities.

SNWF works in 23 of the 168 villages, covering 8 village panchayats of the Tamiya Block. The target group consists of 2886 families - a total of about 17315 people belonging to scheduled tribes (Gonds), scheduled castes and nomadic tribes The economy in this district is largely dependent on subsistence agriculture, depleting forest resources and migratory agriculture labour.

Our strategy in this geography consists of a two-pronged approach - healthcare provision and nutritional awareness, aimed at preventing chronic malnutrition. Interventions include activities such as health camps, raising awareness on nutrition through training, providing nutritional supplements, promotion of nutrition garden, facilitation & promotion of antenatal and post-natal care and distribution of medicines. Special checkup and diagnostic camps are set up for pregnant and lactating mothers, adolescent girls and children under the age of 6 - groups that are particularly vulnerable to under-nourishment.